Improving Ideation for DANA using Design Thinking

  1. Empathize
User Persona
Figure 1. 1 star on Playstore for DANA (source: Author)
  • 21 users (28%) indicated customer service issues.
  • 19 users (25%) indicated login issues
  • 13 users (17%) indicated Premium Account Upgrade issues
Figure 2. Affinity Map Users Problem
  1. Fingerprint verification is added.
  2. Name for personalization is added.
  1. Fingerprint verification is added.
  1. Direct connection with customer service staff through the application.
  2. The need to move to another application is eliminated.
  • Team UI/UX Veronika D.A, Farra Anindya R, Oky Wahyu Setiawan
  • Team PM Dhema’alam Fajrianto & Reze Zamir
  • UI/UX Hadijah Larasati
  • PM Syafrizal Adi Saktia
  1. User Flow
  2. Research Affinity Map
  3. User Research (Interview Document) —
  4. Benchmarking Linkaja & Ovo —
  5. Figma Hi-Fi —
  6. Prototype —
  7. Dashboard Data Review Playstore —
  8. Raw Data Review Playstore —
  9. Document UT —



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Junialdi Dwijaputra

Junialdi Dwijaputra

Product Management, UX Researcher, Gamification